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Lesson Plan 2: Our Cause It Is Just

The Causes of the War of 1812


This lesson is part of a multi-lesson, interdisciplinary historical investigation into the questions: How and why did The Star-Spangled Banner become the national anthem? In each lesson of this investigation, students will explore a different facet of The Star-Spangled Banner. Students will examine multimedia resources to learn more about the political, economic and social causes of the War of 1812. Students will role play Congressional leaders who must decide whether or not to declare war against Great Britain. They will write a short, persuasive argument for or against the war based on their assigned position.

Students will read and interpret the anthem and address the following essential questions:

What were the different American perspectives regarding whether or not to go to war with Great Britain?

How did regional differences impact views towards the war?

Why did the United States declare war against Great Britain?

Download the complete Lesson Plan (PDF or MS Word). 

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